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D Gold Text Effects [Extra Quality]

You can always go for making different text effects yourself, but that process can take a lot of time and experimentation. If you want to quickly apply golden text effects for Photoshop to your work, consider the premium asset route.

D Gold Text Effects

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In this post, we'll look at brilliant gold Photoshop text effects that are unique and ready to use. With over 30 options to choose from, there's no doubt you'll find something you want to try right away.

Love golden text effects for Photoshop? You can download them and a lot more from Envato Elements. It's the online home to millions of assets that can make your creative life easier. That includes assets like stock photos, Photoshop actions, and a whole lot more.

How will metal change in the future? Create extraordinary, futuristic compositions with these wicked 3D letters. These high-resolution letters come in silver and gold colors and feature realistic texture and shine. Choose between the two color alternatives for your web or print projects.

Photoshop text effects often use smart objects to create the final result. This pack is no different. It includes ten PSD gold and metal effects that are sure to wow your audience. Pair the gold text in Photoshop with electrifying fire and lightning for a powerful look!

Have you seen the movie Mad Max? Now you can emulate the rusty metal textures found in the film with this awesome pack of Photoshop grunge metal effects. Choose from nine different styles and use them with text, shapes, or logos to get dark metal effects.

Let's dive right into this next pack of Photoshop letters, inspired by a cool construction theme. This set includes two color alternatives with gold and silver text effect Photoshop options. Pair them with other fonts and text to get the most out of this pack. Pretty cool!

Live out your superhero dreams with this next pack of text effects. This download includes gorgeous black and metal effects inspired by famous movies like Black Panther and more. Get eight different styles along with links to free font downloads.

Set the bar high with this pro set of Photoshop gold text effects. Featuring five fully layered Photoshop files, these golden text effects create striking metal textures and realistic shine. Explore various colors and layouts for more cool looks!

Create the dramatic opening you need with these cinematic mockups. This 3D text pack includes six professional movie title effects that will work great with animation. Try them out with the fonts already included or update them with your own.

This next Photoshop action might just become your go-to action for beautiful color effects. It quickly transforms any shape, text, or logo with colorful metallic surfaces and shine. Explore ten colors, including gold Photoshop text, that you can customize to your liking.

Retro art has been making its way back into mainstream design. And this next text effect pack is sure to make you love the 80s all over again. Create professional logos and title openers with this set of four fully editable Photoshop files.

Here's another wonderful set of text effects to add to your arsenal. Inspired by famous retro video games and movies, this download includes ten Photoshop files with ten different text effects. Mix and match looks for an even crazier result! Try them out!

You can't go wrong with silver and gold Photoshop layer styles. This next pack of gold Photoshop text effects includes 24 layer styles with various textures, shine, and details. Transform your favorite quotes with glittery text or add shine to a stale logo.

Mix and match metal textures with this high-quality pack of layer styles! Great for logos and more, these layer styles will improve your headlines and titles. Get access to 33 looks to choose from, including textures like rust and wood, as well as golden text for Photoshop.

Eighties design has been in full swing thanks to many creative artists. And this next pack of retro text effects will definitely inspire you with stunning text design. Featuring ten retro styles, this download also includes magnificent metallic versions like the cyberpunk word below.

Celebrate the holiday cheer with a gleaming, golden text effect. Featuring five fully layered Photoshop files, this metal text effect also includes highly organized layers and smart object replacements. Easily adjust the words and colors to fit your style.

Or keep it simple with this superb 3D text action. This Photoshop action delivers matte, shiny, and glossy effects perfect for your posters and flyers. Enjoy professional results you can quickly modify with new shadows and lighting.

If you aren't sure you'll get a lot of use from a subscription and just want to purchase a single golden text effect for Photoshop, check out Envato Market. You'll be able to find many premium assets to work with just like with Envato Elements. The key difference is that you'll have the option to pick and choose exactly what you'd like to buy and try.

This bundle offers 20 unique metallic PSDs, including gold text effects. Its organized layers are well organized, so you can apply your edits exactly where you mean to. If you want gold or metallic text in Photoshop, you can trust Chisel Chrome to get the job done.

Aim for elegance with the Gold Luxury text effect for Photoshop. It applies a nice 3D gold shadow to your text, with just enough shine to show itself off. This download works with Smart Object layers and is 100% editable. The PSD gold effect also works in one click.

Freshen up your text designs with 3D text effect actions. This pack includes smart object replacements to transform boring text into magical titles. Get jaw-dropping text effects along with a bonus space and stars background! Check them out!

Need a Photoshop action? Try this text effect action for a unique metal style. Quickly adjust the shadows and light to reflect your theme in minutes. You can change the colors for gold Photoshop text. Just update the settings to fit your needs for your next presentation.

Foil balloons are a favorite for many Pinterest lovers. This sweet pack of foil balloon text effects is sure to inspire all your projects. You can keep the golden text effect in Photoshop or switch it up. Try them out for party invites and flyers!

Rose gold text effects are simply beautiful. And if you want to create that divinely luxurious aesthetic, then check out these brilliant metal text effects. Made by designer Inpire, these rose gold effects are compatible with Photoshop versions CS5 and above.

Get glossy with this super shiny pack of Photoshop text effects. Use them with any font or text to bring your work to a whole new level. Just $5, this download includes a fully editable PSD file for gold and all of the other included colors. You get help files too!

Discover four amazing Photoshop files in this high-resolution pack of goodies. This cinematic text effect creates stunning typographical compositions straight out of a movie. Enjoy high-quality, easy-to-edit layers that are fully adjustable with smart objects.

Photoshop font effects like this one can save you valuable hours editing. This awesome collection of Photoshop layer styles includes next-level 3D metal and chrome effects you can use on various creative projects. Try them out for website banners, flyers, and more.

Enjoy that modern chrome look! This next set of layer styles includes colorful text effects to make your designs pop. Get 20 exclusive styles you can edit with the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop. Add ultra-cool details like light effects and more.

Feeling a little regal? Explore that luxurious aesthetic you're going for with these impressive gold Photoshop layer styles. Perfect for posters, illustrations, and stationery, this pack includes golden text effects, unique metallic textures, and so much more.

Feel the power with these electrifying gold text Photoshop effects. This download includes eight fully layered Photoshop files that work on text, shapes, and other layers. They're awesome for game covers, and they also work for movies as the perfect title.

The Heavy Metal metallic effects have a look that carries a lot of weight. You'll get five different options here, including a golden text effect. They're easy to customize thanks to the well-organized layers. Add this one to your collection!

Going retro is one way to make your text stand out. You can blend a classic look with a golden text effect in Photoshop with this 80s bundle. There are a number of unique looks to be had here alongside the gold option. Its Smart Object layers are also easy to use.

Execute the quality you desire with brilliant Photoshop resources like the ones listed above. Many designers use these awesome text effects for better, more efficient work. Will you be trying them out?

And with loads of text effects available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your collection. Be sure to browse Envato Elements and Envato Market for more resources. Happy designing!

Woo Hoo ! I did it. Wow I'm tired. I can see what you mean about the bevel having more flexibility if done this way. I will try it with the bevel plug in though just to see what happens. I can't wait to try this on a different font. I used Bernard MT Condensed but I think a more rounded font might look pretty good too, like maybe Cooper Black. Has anyone tried it with a more complex font like a Gothic type font? I do have a question about the beveling steps, if you made the settings a little higher would that give a more pronounced bevel or would it just mess it up because of the ratio to the alpha mask? I'm not sure if I'm saying what I'm thinking it's kind of hard to explain. Anyway, here is my first shot at this, thanks very cool text effect.

If you mess around with the luminosity and the color balance you can get a more yellow gold look, but it gets a little edgy so you might need to redo the alpha mask. Then if you apply the dither plugin you can get this nifty Disco Possum effect !

I am new so I apologize for this question...I am having some difficulty with this tutorial. Everything is fine until I get to the first beveling effect on the layer entitled light bevel. When I am finished my text has a noticeable white bevel to the right of the text.

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