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[Extra Quality] Download File Celestial_ A Progression Fantas -...

  • This section is made up of TWO types of "catalogs" and you must click on a catalog cover to access them:- Virtual Catalogs (Yellow column): click on the "VIEW" link, for the section you are interested in. Nothing else for you to do. The pages ONLY look good on your screen. They are not printable files but from there you can go visit the Art Gallery for all the stamps on said page AND you can go directly to each rubber stamp shown on that catalog page by clicking on the links located to the right of the page- PDFs (Lavender column) which are "real" catalogs that you can print yourself or save a copy of on your own computer. Those files require you to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. Make sure you are using the latest version which is FREE. Click on the "DOWNLOAD" link you want and the file will start to download to your computer automatically. Then either double-click on the downloaded file to open OR go to your application folder, launch Acrobat Reader and tell it to open the file you just downloaded.IMPORTANT TIP: If there is NO "PDF" files for the section you are interested in, then there is also NO "View" files either (even though it looks like there is). Catalogs may contain errors, the shopping cart supersedes any price code AND we reserve the right to adjust any pricing error when processing the order.

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Download File Celestial_ A Progression Fantas -...



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